She needed the humiliation as much as being submissive and the rough sex.

She needed the humiliation as much as being submissive and the rough sex.
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I wanted my submissive girlfriend very horny tonight. I paid the massage therapst extra to get her very aroused but not off.
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That's when this straight married jock showed me just how much he wanted to become his Master's submissive fucktoy.
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After that afternoon, he was his roommate's submissive sissy fucktoy. That night, he reluctantly gave HIM his first blow job.
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I could see when she realized just how good her submissive gf was at sucking tit. And naturally, how well she'd do eating out her pussy
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My, what a helpless straight, male submissive. And one so obviously enjoying his situation!
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Straight and submissive, he wasn't about to wear panties- ever! But then he learned that his ass LOVED being fucked by his Master's cock!
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That night he learned what true pleasure and fulfillment were as his Master's sissy and submissive.
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Writing to a Dom on CL had started out as a lark. His submissive fantasies were now his real life needs. He was becoming more and more his Master's sissy sub and LOVING IT!
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Just one of the many games this submissive couple performed to amuse and please me.
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He was straight but sucked cock better than 99% of the women I knew. God, I love a strongly submissive straight guy driven to serve his Dom
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